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Maybury Park Estates Active Listings in January 2016

Many people have asked us, “Is it more valuable to your home to have a dining room or an extra bedroom?”  The DiMora Team are real estate experts in the Novi and Northville neighborhoods and we feel that in most cases it’s more valuable to have an extra bedroom in your home rather than a dining room.  Dining rooms are certainly a very nice feature but people hardly use them anymore and lots of people look to the bedroom space for either their children, a family member or as an office space so we feel that an extra bedroom would definitely be more important for the value of your home.  Check out below to see what active listings are in Maybury Park Estates in January 2016:

21322 Equestrian Trail, Novi:  4 bedrooms, 3.2 bathrooms, 6,479 total sq. feet, 3 car garage, Listed Price:  $1,299,000
Maybury Park Estates Active Listing
January 2016

For more information on Maybury Park Estates, or similar Northville or Novi neighborhoods such as Turnberry Estates, Bellagio and Woods of Edenderry, contact The DiMora Team today at 248-505-7728 or

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