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Tuscany Reserve Active Listing in June 2020

If you are selling your house, its a good idea to organize your closets but before you clean out your closets entirely, consider keeping some of your stuff and storing it in stacked boxes away from the door. This is actually better than leaving closets empty as it gives buyers an idea of the storage space they’ll have. The DiMora Team are real estate experts in the Novi and Northville neighborhoods and we know its important not to spend so much time on the rooms in your home that you forget all about the closets. It isn’t just curiosity that drives buyers to look behind closed doors, there’s also a more practical reason. Buyers are opening closets to see what kind of space they’ll have. Some sellers even go as far as leaving nice shirts on hangers or stuffing brand-name shopping bags with tissue paper on shelves. Check out below to see what is currently listed for sale in Tuscany Reserve in June 2020:

49026 Veneto Drive, Novi: 5 bedrooms, 4.2 bathrooms, 5,316 sq. feet, 4 car garage, Listed Price: $1,750,000

Tuscany Reserve Home For Sale
June 2020

Whatever you choose to do, just be sure closets aren’t cluttered but organized. Same goes for the drawers. Expect things to be opened and organize accordingly. For more information on Tuscany Reserve, or similar Northville or Novi neighborhoods such as Fox Hollow, Stonewater and Maybury Park Estates, contact The DiMora Team today at 248-505-7728 or

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