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Liberty Park Real Estate Sales Report in January 2020

If you’re a lucky homeowner and thinking about retiring, there’s a shortcut to boosting your retirement funds so you can maintain the lifestyle you desire: selling your home. The DiMora Team are real estate experts in the Novi and Northville neighborhoods and we know that the average American has twice as much value in home equity as they have in their retirement savings. By tapping into this equity, you can free up thousands of dollars a month to steer your retirement destiny. Selling your home can help fund your retirement in numerous ways, liquidizing cash to allocate towards your savings, buy a new property in full, pay off remaining debts, reinvest into other areas of your portfolio, or use as spending money. Check out below to see what sold in Liberty Park in January 2020:

45223 Bartlett, Novi: 4 bedrooms, 2.1 bathrooms, 3,053 sq. feet, 2 car garage, Sold Price: $440,000

Liberty Park Home Sold
January 2020

In addition to saving proceeds from your home sale, you can boost your retirement budget by moving into a lower maintenance home with less monthly expenses. Selling your home and downsizing to a smaller home lowers your property taxes and utility bills in most cases. For more information on Liberty Park, or similar Northville or Novi neighborhoods such as Royal Crown, Carriage Hill and Yorkshire Place, contact The DiMora Team today at 248-505-7728 or

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