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Highland Lakes Sales Information for 2018

Highland Lakes is a wonderful community. Condominium prices are always changing, and I thought you would be interested in the following information for your subdivision.

Based on my research, the following sales have occurred in Highland Lakes in 2018:

Lehigh Court31+1Colonial13686/20/2018$99,000$103,000
Lehigh Lane21Ranch88411/14/18$138,900$121,000
Lake Success Drive22+1Colonial13602/12/18$130,000$123,101
Hayes Court32+1Colonial136012/21/18$150,000$135,500
Lyric Court31+1Colonial136010/15/18$150,000$139,000
Aqueduct Court21Ranch8849/17/18$152,500$140,000
Windsor Court31+1Colonial136010/15/18$145,000$145,000
Queen Anne Court31+1Colonial14002/2/18$152,500$149,000
Ironwood Court21+1Colonial120803/15/18$142,500$152,000
Dartmouth Place31+1Colonial136004/02/18$155,000$155,000
Dartmouth Place21+1Cape Cod128012/19/18$168,000$155,185
Bryn Mawr Court21+1Colonial12089/12/18$166,900$156,900
Aqueduct Court31+1Colonial13702/1/18$156,900$156,900
Irongate Court31+1Colonial14228/30/18$165,000$159,000
Ironwood Court21+1Colonial12809/11/18$159,900$160,000
Eddington Place31+1Colonial13609/28/18$162,000$165,000
Lehigh Lane32+1Colonial136811/21/18$160,000$166,000
Hayes Court32+1Colonial13684/11/18$160,000$167,000
Lagoon Court21+1Colonial12808/9/18$168,000$168,000
Old Bridge Court31+1Colonial13683/15/18$189,900$168,000
Aqueduct Court21+1Colonial120812/10/18$170,000$170,000
Schoolhouse Court31+1Colonial137011/19/18$174,900$170,000
Hayes Court31+1Colonial137006/07/18$169,500$170,000
Whitman Court31+1Colonial137004/06/18$183,000$173,000
Savoy Court31+1Colonial137009/28/18$185,000$185,000
Scenic Lane31+1Colonial143406/29/18$190,000$190,000
Farragut Court32+1Colonial163808/24/18$215,000$216,000

If you would like to view what is active, pending and sold in Highland Lakes and the surrounding subdivisions since this letter has been drafted, please visit  This site is updated daily.

My Qualifications

  • Ranked #1 Team for Keller Williams Northville /Novi from 1999 – 2018!
  • Over 20 Years of Experience as a Real Estate Consultant!
  • Over 4000 Homes Sold!
  • Over $750 Million in Sales!
  • Detroit Business and Hour Magazine Named Jim DiMora One of Michigan’s Top Realtors from 2010 – 2018!
  • Keller Williams is the Largest Real Estate Company in North America and The DiMora Team was named the #1 Team in the Country 3 Consecutive Years

If you are interested in more information on the Highland Lakes sales from this letter and/or are thinking of selling your condo, please call me at (248) 505-7728.  I can assure you that I am the best prepared to professionally market your home.

Sincerely yours, 

Jim DiMora

The Highland Lakes Specialist

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