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Northville Hills Golf Club Real Estate Sales Report in October 2016

Most home buyers dream of settling down in a great city or town, but a growing number of house hunters are setting their sights even smaller.  The DiMora Team are real estate experts in the Northville and Novi neighborhoods and we have seen some narrowing down their searches, in fact, not just to a neighborhood, but to a microneighborhood—a specific patch of properties located all on one strip, or even one block, with its own distinct identity and real estate cachet.  They have the ability walk down the street and go to one of a handful of great restaurants where they know everybody and know the quality of what they’re going to get.  But make no mistake, there is no one-size-fits-all microneighborhood. Whether you’ve found the right place for you depends largely on your own unique needs.  Check out below to see what sold in Northville Hills Golf Club in October 2016:

46623 Pinehurst Circle, Northville:  4 bedrooms, 3.1 bathrooms, 4,742 sq. feet, 3 car garage, Sold Price:  $735,000
Northville Hills Golf Club Home Sold
October 2016

Another tip: If you spot a Wal-Mart, Target, or Starbucks, you’re not in a microneighborhood.  These communities abhor chain stores.  For more information on Northville Hills Golf Club, or similar Northville or Novi neighborhoods such as Autumn Park, Bella Terra and Pheasant Hills, contact The DiMora Team today at 248-505-7728 or

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