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Briarwood Real Estate Sales Report in November 2018

Maintaining your house is important and there are some key areas that you need to keep in mind. The DiMora Team are real estate experts in the Novi and Northville neighborhoods and we know a good place to start is by cleaning the exterior of your windows with hot soapy water and a sponge or squeegee. If you’ll need a ladder, make sure to review safety guidelines. While you’re washing, inspect each window pane for cracks. Double or triple glazed windows with damaged seals or cracks may need to be replaced. You’ll also want to inspect caulking and weather stripping around your windows. Recaulk any spots where the caulk is loose or chipping away, or consider applying new caulk for a tight seal. Summer is a perfect time to do this because the warm temperatures and low humidity will help the caulk set perfectly. Finally, wash window screens and replace any screens that have rips or holes. Check out below to see what sold in Briarwood in November 2018:

47162 S. Scarlet Drive, Novi:  3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,457 sq. feet, 2 car garage, Sold Price: $339,900

Briarwood Home Sold
November 2018

Visually inspect your roof every summer for missing or broken shingles, shakes and panels. If you have any concerns about using a ladder or moving around on your roof, or if you’re unsteady on your feet, call your roofing company. Most roofers will make inspections and do basic maintenance for you. For more information on Briarwood, or similar Northville or Novi neighborhoods such as Abbey Knoll, North Hills and Lakes of Northville, contact The DiMora Team today at 248-505-7728 or

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