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How To Start Buying a Home

Understanding how to buy a home is easy. That’s why we wrote this for you. It’s a short read on how to get started as well as why it’s a smart choice as opposed to renting. You can also skip the article and  start looking at homes here. Have you been contemplating the idea of owning a […]

Interest Rates Up in December 2016

An easy to understand explanation of what an interest rate increase means for future home buyers. 2 minute read. The Federal Reserve has been talking about increasing interest rates in December. Most experts are reporting that there is a 70% chance this will happen. As of the day this article was written, average rates are […]

How Are Northville Home Prices?

This is a brief snapshot of the Northville real estate market year-to-date, and what it means for YOU! The Northville real estate market has been right on track with the national market: Higher prices and little for sale. As of October 1, the overall average home value is up 5%. On the other hand, the […]