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Adam Somers is a 7 year REALTOR with the DiMora Team. He is ranked among the top 3% of agents in the nation. His education is in Finance from the University of Michigan.

September 2019 Market Update

Just like a lot of things related to the economy, there are varying opinions on where we’re heading, so let’s look at our numbers: Local home prices are up 4.4% which is in line with the 4.7% national average. The number of local homes available to buy is up 11% from last year, with 3.3 […]

How To Start Buying a Home

Understanding how to buy a home is easy. That’s why we wrote this for you. It’s a short read on how to get started as well as why it’s a smart choice as opposed to renting. You can also skip the article and  start looking at homes here. Have you been contemplating the idea of owning a […]

Interest Rates Up in December 2016

An easy to understand explanation of what an interest rate increase means for future home buyers. 2 minute read. The Federal Reserve has been talking about increasing interest rates in December. Most experts are reporting that there is a 70% chance this will happen. As of the day this article was written, average rates are […]

How Are Northville Home Prices?

This is a brief snapshot of the Northville real estate market year-to-date, and what it means for YOU! The Northville real estate market has been right on track with the national market: Higher prices and little for sale. As of October 1, the overall average home value is up 5%. On the other hand, the […]

Preparing Your Home To Sell

This is a brief article explaining some steps that soon-to-be sellers can take to make sure their home shows at it’s best and sells for the most. So you’re thinking about selling your home. Now what? Other than speaking to a realtor, there are a few things you can do to get your home ready […]

Northville Board Passes Meijer Plan

A summary of the key takeaways from Joanne Maliszewski’s article from and information from regarding the new commercial and residential development plans for 5 Mile and Beck Road in Northville. The Northville Township Board recently approved plans from Redico to develop “The Village at Northville” at the site of the former women’s correctional facility […]

Where Are All Of The Sellers?

A brief explanation of why there aren’t many homes for sale and what that means for Northville and Novi. Buyers are hungry, prices are high, yet there are even less homes for sale now than there were last year. Where are all of the sellers, and what does the lack of them mean for the […]